In the framework of the EUBBC-Digital project of the European Erasmus+ Program, of which UPB is a member, Alex Villazón, Ph.D. (CINTI – UPB) and Williams Gonzales, Ph.D. (Postgraduate UPB), participated in the joint progress meeting of the EUBBC-Digital and EUSL-Energy projects, with representatives from more than 10 countries from Latin America, Asia and Europe. The event was held at the University of Twente, The Netherlands, from June 13 to 17, 2022.

At the event, representatives from the embassies of Sri Lanka, Brazil and Bolivia participated in a panel on digital education. Representatives of UMSS, which is also a member of the EUBBC-Digital project, also participated, consolidating public-private academic collaboration in Bolivia and internationally.

Development of Remote Laboratories: EUBBC-Digital

Alex Villazón PhD, director of CINTI-UPB, and Omar Ormachea PhD, director of CIOE-UPB (remotely connected), presented the progress of the project and gave a live demonstration of the First Remote Laboratory of Bolivia (Spectrometry Remote Laboratory), developed by the research centers they lead.

Presenter: Alex Villazon & Omar Ormachea

Conference: EUSL Energy M30 & EUBBC-Digital M18.

Location: Twente, Netherlands

Date: 13 – 17 June, 2022

Circuit control and wireless system.
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