Spectrometry Remote Lab

The remote lab consists of a low-cost smartphone spectrometer, which includes a miniaturized spectrometer, an App for control, data collection, and storage of the spectra obtained. Students will remotely control and modify different parameters, collect and analyze spectral data. In addition, they will be able to obtain spectra from different light sources (LED and fluorescent lamps) with a variety of color temperatures.

We are developing low-cost technology for remote laboratories.

Low-cost Spectrometry Remote Lab Kits
Smartphone-based spectrometer using 3D printing technology, and IoT control systems.

Our Spectrometry Remote Lab Kit is wirelessly connected to the Remote Lab Web App, allowing students to analyze spectral data in real-time.

Remote Lab Web App

The Web App uses modern Web technology allowing students to remotely control the spectrometer, a web cam, and the light sources to obtain spectral curves.

The student can store the session data (spectral data, images, and notes) for post-experiment analysis.

Spectrometry Remote Lab Demo: Machine Learning-based Automatic Calibration and Web App