Solar Radiation Measurement Remote Lab

The remote lab will allow the learner to obtain global, direct and diffuse solar radiation by remotely controlling a shadowing mechanical system. The learner will be able to parametrize the data collection and compare theoretical results with real measurements, which depends on the geographical location and the altitude (i.e., m.a.s.l.). We will develop a remotely controlled mechanical system, with two pyranometers (UVA and integral sensors) located in at least two of our campuses.

Measuring solar efficiency at 3 different altitudes

We are deploying the solar remote lab equipment in our 3 campuses in 3 different cities in Bolivia with 3 altitudes.

This will allow the learners to measure and experiment the impact of the altitude in the energy efficiency of Photovoltaic Solar panels.

This will also allow learners to compare with other results with other solar remote laboratories at the sea level from our sister project EUSL (in Greece and Sri Lanka).