As part of the equipment funded by the EUBBC-Digital Project, two fully functional “AV Mobile Kits” were procured and are available and ready to use. Each kit includes: a laptop, a tablet, a portable mini projector, a webcam, a portable audio speaker, and a microphone. These mobile kits are aimed to support synchronous sessions during lab activites of the collaborative postgraduate courses to be developed within project, and also for other academic hybrid/remote activities at the university.

The AV Mobile Kits are already used in several hybrid/remote lab sessions (physics, optics and lasers) where both on-site and on-line students were able to see and perform different experimental activities. The portability of the kits allowed the teachers to rapidly deploy the experimental setup in different laboratories and classrooms.

This was a first succesful experience that was run at our main campus in Cochabamba, where also students in other cities (La Paz and Santa Cruz) were able to see the experiments “live”, interact with the teacher and other students, ask questions, collect data and perform assesment activities. All on-line students were very pleased with the experimental experience that they were able to participate on, thanks to the AV Mobile Kits.

Showing laser experiment

AV Mobile Kit used to show an experiment to measure laser wavelenghts. The webcam allowed the on-line students to see all the experimental setup and perform data acquisition activities.

AV Mobile Kit setup

The AV Mobile Kit was deployed in a lab with no audio visual equipment, allowing on-site and on-site students to present their final lab reports.

Students presenting lab report

Presentation of the lab reports made by groups of students with the AV Mobile Kit.

Students presenting experiments

The AV Mobile Kits were also used for presentation of lab experiments by groups of students, showing their results to those remotely connected.

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