Development of Remote Laboratories: EUBBC-Digital

Abstract: The Covid-19 has precipitated the digital transformation in education worldwide and has exposed weaknesses and limitations in laboratory and experimental activities, mainly in the field of engineering.

In this paper, we describe how we adapted our low-cost specetrometry technology (which is based on a 3D-printed mini-spectrometer and a smarphone) to deploy a remote laboratory as a rapid solution, due to the impossibility of using conventional and costly spectrometers, which work only for on-campus learning. This adaptation was helpful, not only to have several spectrometers available for a higher number of students but also to allow teachers to prepare asynchronous activities that can be realized without their presence. We applied Internet of Things (IoT) technology for remotely controlling the experiments and used Machine Learning to automatically calibrate our low-cost smarphone spectrometer.

Presenter: Alex Villazon

Conference: REV2022 – 19th International Conference on Remote Engineering and Virtual Instrumentation

Location: Cairo, Egypt

Date: 28 February – 02 March, 2022

EUSL-Energy M25 Meeting: Development of Remote Laboratories: EUBBC-Digital

Abstract: We present an overview of the Remote Laboratories under development within the EUBBC-Digital Project. Then we present the latest developments of the Spectrometry Remote Laboratory under development by the UPB Team, which leverages an in-house low-cost smartphone spectrometer technology, the architecture of the remote lab, and a demo (video) of the use of Machine Learning for automatic calibration of the smartphone spectrometer and also the Web App interface. Finally, we present a proposal for a Remote Lab Booking System under development at UPB, that could be used by all Remote Labs in both EUBBC-Digital and EUSL-Energy projects.

Presenters: Omar Ormachea and Alex Villazon

Meeting: EUSL-Energy M25 Consortium Meeting

Location: Negombo and Kandy, Sri Lanka

Date: 07 – 11 March, 2022

Development of Remote Laboratories: EUBBC-Digital

Alex Villazón PhD, director del CINTI-UPB, y Omar Ormachea PhD, director del CIOE-UPB (conectado de manera remota), expusieron los avances del proyecto e hicieron una demostración en vivo del Primer Laboratorio Remoto de Bolivia (Spectrometry Remote Laboratory), desarrollado por los centros de investigación que dirigen.

Presenter: Alex Villazon & Omar Ormachea

Conference: EUSL Energy M30 & EUBBC-Digital M18.

Location: Twente, Netherlands

Date: 13 – 17 June, 2022